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Windows 10 product key {UPDATED}

windows 10 product key

Nowadays, everyone is searching for windows 10 product key.

So individuals today we are here to talk about Windows 10 & it’s activation keys.

Windows 10 is the recent version that is developed by the Microsoft With the updated features like Built-in Cortana Voice responder built in for digital Assistance, Fast Setup, Rich Software along with the Device Ecosystem. With Windows 10, came better gaming features, music, news and video apps. As we all know nothing is perfect and hence, is some points that are also defects in the windows 10 that include: Less touch Friendly.

Do you know that most of the commercial software does have any form of the protection measure to deter the possibility of un-authorization or copying along with installation? There are many different measures that are undertaken by the software developer that will help achieve the goal of security. One of the most common and famous way to achieve the security, till date is by using the product key or serial number that is followed by the most renowned companies like Microsoft.

Among one of the best-operating systems launched in 2015 is Windows 10. No matter if you are the free version user or subscribed user. There is always a need for Windows 10 product key or activation key in case you need to repair or reinstall the windows. Here, in this article, you will find all the necessary information regarding the windows 10 product key that is needed.

What basically is the Product Key/activation key?

For those who have no idea what product key is and why is it required this section I am writing is going to be extremely useful. Beginning with the concept of the Activation Key, it is basically the Software key for the Computer Program that certifies the user that the copy of the Software he/she is using is authentic that is an original one.

This activation is defined as the string of letters and/or numbers that act as the unique identifier to decode the security & prove the authenticity. This product key is the basic requirement during the process of authorization and activation of the product.

you can activate the product keys of Windows 10 in two ways: the first one is offline and the second one, well! Yes, it is an online procedure.

Here we will provide you the some of the windows 10 product keys you can try it.

Windows 10 ProWQ0DL-FH4BF-SLF79-S3GCA-DK3LC
Windows 10 Single Language7HNRX-D7KGG-3K4RQ-4WPJ4-YTDFH
Windows 10 HomeYTMG3-N6DKC-DKB77-7M9GH-8HVX7
Windows 10 Home single languageBT79Q-G7N6G-PGBYW-4YWX6-6F4BT
Windows 10 EducationYNMGQ-8RYV3-4PGQ3-C8XTP-7CFBY
Windows 10 ProfessionalED7SN-KD9LQ-A8XWC-FK7FL-S6CBE
Windows 10 EnterpriseXEC8Q-LS2SD-E8DGV-I8DVC-Q2X1J
Windows 10 Technical PreviewNKJFK-GPHP7-G8C3J-P6JXR-HQRJR

windows 10 updation

Clean Install v/s Upgrade of Windows 10, what is better?

If what you are running is the custom computer and what you want is to start from the scratch with the clean installation of your Windows 10 then, you can easily opt the option of formatting the hard drive and start your clean installation.

Advantages of Clean Installation:

It gives you the opportunity of starting a fresh from scratch that too without bloatware or any trial software that might be pre-installed with your system.
It gives you the control over all your apps as it avails you the opportunity of installing all the applications as well.
Chances of errors and issues are also reduced with clean installing option.
What are the Basic Scenarios where you will need the Product Key?

In case if you are Updated Your PC to the Windows 10 from the genuine Windows 8 or Windows 7 then, it is not like your windows licence is tied to your Microsoft account but, in that case it will be tied to the hardware that you got windows updated on and there will be no provision of the new product key. This can easily be verified with the help of software like ProduKey or the Ultimate PID Checker. With this software, you will get the information about the product keys. It tells you about which product we are using it. is it a windows 10 product key or any other windows version key?

windows 10 pro product key

In case, the situation comes or you make your mind to Install Windows 10 on the Same Machine then you do not have to worry about

No need to Download IOS file
No need to turn the USB drive or DVD media
No need to run the setup for installing from scratch
During the process of installation of Windows 10 setup, there is requirement of the Activation Key and what you have to do is simply skip that one step and let the process of installation be complete and the moment installation is complete the windows 10 will be ready and will be activated automatically once you connect to the internet and this is done because the Microsoft knows that you have done clean installation on the same hardware.

Check your Windows 10 Activation Status:

Go to Settings (Winkey+I) then click on the Update & Security and at the end click on the Activation menu and there will be your status.

The other ways you can use for updating yourself with the activation status is to go to the Control Panel then go to System and Security and finally go to System option and you will find all the details of activation of windows.

Now, just imagine that you decide to change the hardware then, Do not worry it can be done, all you got to do is call the Microsoft support Centre and inform them about the change and ask them to provide you, your copy activated.

TLDR Version:

One of the other scenarios is that you want to upgrade your free Windows 10 then there is no provision of the unique activation Key as your licence will be tied to the hardware on the hardware where your windows 10 is upgraded and all the clean installs will automatically start and that is done only on the same hardware.

These above two scenarios involve the process of fresh installation of the Windows.

windows 10 key

How the Retail Windows 10 Product Key and Activation?

If you purchased a license key for the Windows 10 or got the product key from MSDN, DreamSpark or from TechNet you will definitely get the unique product Key that can be used in the windows setup during the clean installations.

What if you lose your assigned Product Key?

Don’t worry you can use the third-party software designed for finding the existing installation like Produkey etc.

Next comes, the question that we will answer below that is How to Find the Windows 10 Product key?

You do not have to create an issue regarding the process of extracting the key for the Windows 10 as with our simple steps you can easily find the key. It has been essential since last 29th July 2016.

How to find or Extract Windows 10 Product Key?

If you have purchased a new PC, Laptop or the Tablet working on Windows 10 already then, there should be a sticker or a certificate of authenticity that will contain the windows 10 activation key. And if you have not got any certificate then, the product key should be mentioned somewhere in the documentation that you have for your hardware.

These are just the only possibilities, with these it is also recently established that the activation key is stored within the computer or device for the security reasons. It is believed that it will automatically activate if it is needed.

Did You Know?

The activation of the windows 10 will happen even if your device’s Hard Drive Fails.


I hope that this article will help you with the process of searching for your Windows 10 Product Key and will help you get an idea that what is better for you.

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