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Windows 8.1 product key 2016 {updated}

windows 8.1

How to get windows 8.1 product key

A product key is nothing but the gatekeepers that stops a computer or system from an extensive piracy.

The activation key is very important for any system or program or software. The location of the activation key for any operating system is based on how you bought the copy of the operating system from a seller.

The serial keys for different systems have been placed in different locations. The windows 8.1 product key contains a 25 character code that is usually utilized to trigger windows. If the computer program or software has a serial key, then you can come to know that the copy of the program or software is original.
Using the activation key is very safe. But the point is that one can lose the windows product key due to many reasons. It may be either misplaced or lost or turn inaccessible. In such cases, what will you do? You do not have to worry about that as you have options to get it back.

windows 8.1 product key

Yes, the windows users can get back the windows 8.1 genuine product keys from the windows registry. The users that would like to get back the activation key should use the serial key finder without fail. It takes only 15 minutes.

First of all, one has to know about the requirements of a system for downloading the activation keys.
You cannot install the windows 8.1 free activation key if your system does not contain the mandatory things. The following are the things which a system should contain for accepting the Windows 8.1 key,
• The capacity of the CPU should be 1GHZ.
• For downloading 32-bit windows 8.1 product key, the capacity of the RAM should be 1 GB.
• The capacity of hard disk should be 16GB.
• The capacity of processor should be 3GHZ.
• The capacity of the RAM should be 2 GB for windows 8.1 64-bit operating system.
Locating Windows 8.1 Product key
Downloading the activation key takes only a few minutes. But the point is that, you first have to find out the exact location of the activation key. Only then, you can able to download it in a quick session. The windows 8.1 key can be located in the following places,
• If you have bought windows 8.1 for download from any legal seller, the product key will be found in your email inbox. Yes, you might have received the key email once after you buy the Windows 8.1 Operating System.
• If you have purchased Windows 8.1 from any offline stores, the serial key will be on the disc.

• If your system is preloaded with Windows 8.1, you could find the product key on the sticker of your computer or you can find that in the documentation or configuration label of your computer.

• If you cannot able to locate the documentation or configuration label of your operating system key, you can get the product key from the windows registry. Forgetting the activation key from the windows registry, the key finder software should be employed. If you do, you can pull out the product key in less than 15 minutes.
This is how one should locate the Windows operating system product key. If you are trying to pull out the serial key from the windows registry, you have to make sure that your windows 8.1 key is valid. Since the product key finder will locate only the valid key.

Windows 8.1 product key free is addressable on the websites, which you can download. Using a product key finder program, one can find out any version of windows activation key.

windows operating system

Steps for Downloading windows 8.1 activation key
• First of all, you have to download the windows 8.1 product key viewer. Once after finished downloading, you have to save the file in a proper location. The software is lightweight and backup your computer with no doubts.

• Next is that you have to run the program. For that, you first have to double-click the zip folder and extract the file called “pkeyui.exe”. Then, just click the run button to execute the file.

• Once the execution is done, you can find the 25 characters serial key.

To be on the safer side, make sure that you are copied the activation key accurately. The combination of numbers and letters should be right and as shown.
If you cannot get back or find your windows 8.1 key, then you can request for the replacement from Microsoft. If the replaced key does not work out, you have no other option than buying a new product key.

Of course, buying a new one will demand more cost than buying the replacement key. But, you ought to do that for running your Windows 8.1 operating system.

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